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volume 14, number 3 2011



+ Lin, R.Z., Moreno-Luna, R., Li, D., Jaminet, S.C., Greene, A.K. & Melero-Martin, J.M. Human endothelial colony-forming cells serve as trophic mediators for mesenchymal stem cell engraftment via paracrine signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Link

+ Lin, C.I., Merley, A., Sciuto, T.E., Li, D., Melero-Martin, J.M., Dvorak, A.M., Dvorak, H.F. & Jaminet, S.C. TM4SF1: a new vascular therapeutic target in cancer. Angiogenesis in press. PDF Supplement

+ Lin, C.I., Lau, C.Y., Li, D. & Jaminet, S.C. Nanopodia--thin, fragile membrane projections with roles in cell movement and intercellular interactions. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, e51320. PDF Reagents

+ Dharaneeswaran, H., Abid, M.R., Yuan, L., Dupuis, D., Beeler, D.L., Spokes, K., Janes, L., Sciuto, T., Kang, P.M., Jaminet, S.C., Dvorak, A., Grant, M.A., Regan, E. & Aird, W.C. FoxO1-Mediated Activation of Akt Plays a Critical Role in Vascular Homeostasis. Circ Res. Link


+ Yuan, L., Janes, L., Beeler, D., Spokes, K.C., Smith, J., Li, D., Jaminet, S.C., Oettgen, P. & Aird, W.C. Role of RNA splicing in mediating lineage-specific expression of the von Willebrand factor gene in the endothelium. Blood 121, 4404-4412. Link

+ Siegenthaler, J.A., Choe, Y., Patterson, K.P., Hsieh, I., Li, D., Jaminet, S.C., Daneman, R., Kume, T., Huang, E.J. & Pleasure, S.J. Foxc1 is required by pericytes during fetal brain angiogenesis. Biology open 2, 647-659. Link

+ Lin, R.Z., Moreno-Luna, R., Munoz-Hernandez, R., Li, D., Jaminet, S.C., Greene, A.K. & Melero-Martin, J.M. Human white adipose tissue vasculature contains endothelial colony-forming cells with robust in vivo vasculogenic potential. Angiogenesis 16, 735-744. Link


+ Zukauskas, A., Merley, A., Li, D., Ang, L.H., Sciuto, T.E., Salman, S., Dvorak, A.M., Dvorak, H.F. & Jaminet, S.C. TM4SF1: a tetraspanin-like protein necessary for nanopodia formation and endothelial cell migration. Angiogenesis 14, 345-354. PDF Supplement

+ Yuan, L., Sacharidou, A., Stratman, A.N., Le Bras, A., Zwiers, P.J., Spokes, K., Bhasin, M., Shih, S.C., Nagy, J.A., Molema, G., Aird, W.C., Davis, G.E. & Oettgen, P. RhoJ is an endothelial cell-restricted Rho GTPase that mediates vascular morphogenesis and is regulated by the transcription factor ERG. Blood 118, 1145-1153. Link

+ Sitohy, B., Nagy, J.A., Jaminet, S.C. & Dvorak, H.F. Tumor-surrogate blood vessel subtypes exhibit differential susceptibility to anti-VEGF therapy. Cancer Res 71, 7021-7028. Link

+ Lin, R.Z., Dreyzin, A., Aamodt, K., Li, D., Jaminet, S.C., Dudley, A.C. & Melero-Martin, J.M. Induction of erythropoiesis using human vascular networks genetically engineered for controlled erythropoietin release. Blood 118, 5420-5428. Link

+ Fu, Y., Nagy, J.A., Brown, L.F., Shih, S.C., Johnson, P.Y., Chan, C.K., Dvorak, H.F. & Wight, T.N. Proteolytic cleavage of versican and involvement of ADAMTS-1 in VEGF-A/VPF-induced pathological angiogenesis. J Histochem Cytochem 59, 463-473. Link


+ Wada, Y., Li, D., Merley, A., Zukauskas, A., Aird, W.C., Dvorak, H.F. & Shih, S.C. A multi-gene transcriptional profiling approach to the discovery of cell signature markers. Cytotechnology 63, 25-33. PDF

+ Shapiro, N.I., Khankin, E.V., Van Meurs, M., Shih, S.C., Lu, S., Yano, M., Castro, P.R., Maratos-Flier, E., Parikh, S.M., Karumanchi, S.A. & Yano, K. Leptin exacerbates sepsis-mediated morbidity and mortality. J Immunol 185, 517-524. Link

+ Nucera, C., Muzzi, P., Tiveron, C., Farsetti, A., La Regina, F., Foglio, B., Shih, S.C., Moretti, F., Della Pietra, L., Mancini, F., Sacchi, A., Trimarchi, F., Vercelli, A. & Pontecorvi, A. Maternal thyroid hormones are transcriptionally active during embryo-foetal development: results from a novel transgenic mouse model. J Cell Mol Med 14, 2417-2435. Link

+ Nagy, J.A., Chang, S.H., Shih, S.C., Dvorak, A.M. & Dvorak, H.F. Heterogeneity of the tumor vasculature. Semin Thromb Hemost 36, 321-331. Link

+ Matsuda, K., Ohga, N., Hida, Y., Muraki, C., Tsuchiya, K., Kurosu, T., Akino, T., Shih, S.C., Totsuka, Y., Klagsbrun, M., Shindoh, M. & Hida, K. Isolated tumor endothelial cells maintain specific character during long-term culture. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 394, 947-954. Link

+ Ismail, N.S., Pravda, E.A., Li, D., Shih, S.C. & Dallabrida, S.M. Angiopoietin-1 reduces H(2)O(2)-induced increases in reactive oxygen species and oxidative damage to skin cells. J Invest Dermatol 130, 1307-1317. Link

+ Dudley, A.C., Udagawa, T., Melero-Martin, J.M., Shih, S.C., Curatolo, A., Moses, M.A. & Klagsbrun, M. Bone marrow is a reservoir for proangiogenic myelomonocytic cells but not endothelial cells in spontaneous tumors. Blood 116, 3367-3371. Link


+ Shih, S.C., Zukauskas, A., Li, D., Liu, G., Ang, L.H., Nagy, J.A., Brown, L.F. & Dvorak, H.F. The L6 protein TM4SF1 is critical for endothelial cell function and tumor angiogenesis. Cancer Res 69, 3272-3277 (2009). PDF Supplement

+ Shapiro, N.I., Yano, K., Sorasaki, M., Fischer, C., Shih, S.C. & Aird, W.C. Skin biopsies demonstrate site-specific endothelial activation in mouse models of sepsis. J Vasc Res 46, 495-502 (2009). Link

+ Liu, J., Kanki, Y., Okada, Y., Jin, E., Yano, K., Shih, S.C., Minami, T. & Aird, W.C. A +220 GATA motif mediates basal but not endotoxin-repressible expression of the von Willebrand factor promoter in Hprt-targeted transgenic mice. J Thromb Haemost 7, 1384-1392 (2009). Link

+ Jin, E., Liu, J., Suehiro, J.I., Yuan, L., Okada, Y., Nikolova-Krstevski, V., Yano, K., Janes, L., Beeler, D., Spokes, K.C., Li, D., Regan, E., Shih, S.C., Oettgen, P., Minami, T. & Aird, W.C. Differential roles for ETS, CREB and EGR binding sites in mediating VEGF receptor 1 expression in vivo. Blood (2009). Link

+ English, S.B., Shih, S.C., Ramoni, M.F., Smith, L.E. & Butte, A.J. Use of Bayesian networks to probabilistically model and improve the likelihood of validation of microarray findings by RT-PCR. J Biomed Inform 42, 287-295 (2009). Link

+ Chang, S.H., Kanasaki, K., Gocheva, V., Blum, G., Harper, J., Moses, M.A., Shih, S.C., Nagy, J.A., Joyce, J., Bogyo, M., Kalluri, R. & Dvorak, H.F. VEGF-A induces angiogenesis by perturbing the cathepsin-cysteine protease inhibitor balance in venules, causing basement membrane degradation and mother vessel formation. Cancer Res 69, 4537-4544 (2009). Link

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+ Dudley, A.C., Shih, S.C., Cliffe, A.R., Hida, K. & Klagsbrun, M. Attenuated p53 activation in tumour-associated stromal cells accompanies decreased sensitivity to etoposide and vincristine. Br J Cancer 99, 118-125 (2008). Link

+ Dudley, A.C., Khan, Z.A., Shih, S.C., Kang, S.Y., Zwaans, B.M., Bischoff, J. & Klagsbrun, M. Calcification of multipotent prostate tumor endothelium. Cancer Cell 14, 201-211 (2008). Link

+ Abid, M.R., Nadeau, R.J., Spokes, K.C., Minami, T., Li, D., Shih, S.C. & Aird, W.C. Hepatocyte growth factor inhibits VEGF-forkhead-dependent gene expression in endothelial cells. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 28, 2042-2048(2008). Link

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+ Abid, M.R., Shih, S.C., Otu, H.H., Spokes, K.C., Okada, Y., Curiel, D.T., Minami, T. & Aird, W.C. A novel class of vegf-responsive genes that require forkhead activity for expression. J Biol Chem 281 35544-35553 (2006). Link


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Before 2002

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