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Movie 1. Migration and nanopodia projection of GFP-transduced HUVEC.

Cells were plated at ~60% density, cultured for 2 hours, and live cell imaging was performed, taking frames every 1.5 minutes for 2.5 hours. HUVEC consistently projected prominent, rounded lamellipodia from the leading front whose position often reverted to the trailing edge as cells changed direction. Published in Angiogenesis 2011.

Movie 2. Live cell imaging of HUVEC transduced with both GFP- and TM4SF1.

HUVEC were transduced to overexpress TM4SF1-overexpressing cells projected nanopodia from the entire cell perimeter and cell polarization and movement were impaired. Published in Angiogenesis 2011.

Movie 3. TM4SF1 kockdown renders HUVEC mobility.

TM4SF1-KD HUVEC unable to perform polarized movement. Scale bars, 10um. published in Cancer Research 2009.